Thursday, October 28, 2010


Its a strange life out there..!! How life takes different steps and positions.!! I was just going through the pictures in the past.. and I realized I was sitting in the front row and watching the show of Babita Malkani.

And here i am working with her as an Assistant Designer. Being a part of Lakme Fashion Week was just incredible, just wish one day I take part as myself there instead of assisting someone.

Its weird as it takes quite a few steps to get ahead, Since childhood i wanted to become a Fashion Designer and i took a huge step going all the way to Milan the Fashion capital of the world to study and learn different kind of Fashion and brands and much more..!! Living all by myself since the age of 17 is not a joke ..!!

And went to Bangalore for the Fashion Week.. i just like to do things I really like just makes you feel so good and working in Hyderabad was just the best part, work all day all and meeting your friends later is just a stress buster, spending time with family at the end and again a new day begins. Here I am again working in Mumbai, far away from home..!!
I miss my Family and friends so much its crazy, but just cant help it if we need to do something in life..!!

People wonder why cant life be just simple, Buh i say if life was simple it would not have been called life. For me life is a Roller Coaster ride.. I just love every moment of it, though there are ups and downs, buh its fun isnt it???


Friday, February 12, 2010

** Lonely Soul **

“We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone.
Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for
the moment that we’re not alone.” Orson Welles.

Whenever there is a time when i look at myself and the past I often wonder what has been happening with me..

People get attached to memories, history - they hold grudges, which become walls. If we could live in the moment, unattached to expectations or the past, we might have a chance of living ego-less.

But when I feel sorry for myself, I wonder why so-and-so didn't talk to me.
And I feel isolated.

However, I think the elderly have true loneliness when younger people ignore them or condescend.

It is indeed difficult to understand when someone does not talk for no fault of ours and that can lead to a feel of isolation. But, even with the same situation, with proper connectivity,
the why gets transformed to acceptance and compassion and that can liberate you from isolation.

I find issues that happened way in the past haunt my thoughts at times and provoke anger and resentment until I tell myself there's nothing I can do about it.

I wish I was on a beach right now. the sound of the sea, the waves crashing on always seems to make me feel a part of the nature on the whole. Why have I woken up to a day of feeling all alone? I feel I have absolutely no one to relate to.

I feel I have lost all my bearings, my friends. I look around and see everyone having their own clicks and here I am standing all alone , they welcome me but yet I feel am all lost… hmmm… horrible , this feeling of emptiness.

I don't know why this feeling all of a sudden has crept up on me. Maybe I miss the one I considered my best friend.. I cant seem to enjoy anything I am doing… I work mechanically , cook, take care of my family and even found time for shopping, but my mind seems so far, so alone. No joy in anything.

Each morning I wake up seeking the rays of sunshine but by evening am back to feeling all alone…

I want to walk along the waves, with my feet sinking into the sand .The waves wetting my feet. I love doing this specially at night .

Alone… I don't know if from being a peoples person I am turning into a loner . I seem to constantly think a lot, shrink into myself and seem not to find any peace if people are around me.

The music that once seemed everything my life, so soothing , so energizing now feels more like seamless noise that drives my mind around and around in circles.

Each day my heart shrinking more… and though my loved ones reach out to me , I seem to shrink away from them…am I scared of caring too much? Is it me changing or is it I cant accept the changes around me?


Thursday, February 11, 2010

** GOTHIC **

Well now you much be wondering Gothic just means dark and morbid..
With people wearing black lipstick and back clothes..
Well no, there is more to it...

Back then in the 12th to the 16th Century ,
Gothic Architecture was known as the " french style "

Gothic Architecture is most familiar as the architecture of many
cathedrals, castles, palaces and more..

The Duomo in Milan, Italy is known as the largest Gothic Cathedral and Second largest Catholic Cathedral in the World.

It is an Exceptionally large and elaborate Gothic Cathedral
on the main square of Milan, Duomo Di Milano is one of the most famous
building in Europe.

The view from the top are magnificent and the opportunity to see the pinnacles and sculptures close up along the way is worth the climb alone..

Gothic style of Clothing worn had a dark, sometimes
morbid yet erotic side of fashion.

The style became idealized in late 18th and early
19th century with Romanticism.

Styles are often borrowed from the Punks and Victorians.

Gothic fashion can be recognized by its shark black clothing and makeup.
Fishnet stockings, black leather thigh boots and witchy eye make up.

Goth Fashion is sometimes confesed with heavy metal fashion.


Monday, February 1, 2010

** Bangalore Fashion Week **

After a successful First Edition of BLENDERS PRIDE BANGALORE FASHION WEEK last year, This year started with a lot of fresh designers with fresh designs, showcasing their collection for the first time.

Quite a few well established designers like Archana Kochar's bridal wear collection was all sold out before it was showcased on the ramp. Her collection had amazing sequenced work and had great designs. Amrita Rao looked stunning in her green attire and stole the show in the end.

Babita Malkhani's Glassica was full of colors and great fabric selection , completely western and modern. Koina Mitra was great on the ramp.

Ramesh Dambela had designs which was insanely worn by 10 Kannada actors and Zarine Khan. She was looking marvelous in the red sari a real princess. People in the audience couldn't stop admiring her gracefulness.

And Now coming to the New Designers who have made their mark for the first time showcasing their collection.

Kunal Chatterjee's street fashion inspired by electronic music and modern styles. It was a futuristic line of clothing and was appreciated by all the youngsters and models as well.
The ramp was on fire when the models started showcasing his collection. With electronic music at the background, everybody enjoyed his show from the models, to the media.

Anitha Vadivel's label Nyshka Creation was a collection with edgy elements of surprise and easy to slip into. She strongly believes in styles getting notices without being loud. A Hide and Seek kinda collection with quirky imaginative details from paper folds into clothing details.

Shipra Chawla's Claudia Antonini was a collection with a lot of pleating and gathering which signifies a style that is vintage yet contemporary. The evening wear collection with the concept of new affordable luxury. It defines sophistication and femininity through silky volumes that is magnified by drapes.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

** Portfolio **

This is a collection of the work I have done till now...

My Few Illustrations, with My Trend Book and some Personal Designs,
My Menswear idea with few designs, and My Thesis with the Photo shoot.

Well this is kinda a smaller version of my stuff...


** Art Work **

Once a great Dutch Post-Impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh said " I tell you, the more I think, the more I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people."

Color is my day-long Obsession.

These were a Few Paintings that I had done few years back.

The Ganesha is a sculpture created on a wooden plank which weighs 20 kgs.

Natraj - The Dancing Shiva is a kundan sequenced painting.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

** Vampire Romance **

A General Question to all.. Do you believe in Romance? Do you believe in Love Stories? Do you believe in dreams? Do you believe in Fantasies? I DO.

VAMPIRES - sensual, erotic, beautiful, enigmatic, romantic . . . and deadly. VAMPIRES are the stuff of dreams and fantasies. VAMPIRES give us the gift of immortality. VAMPIRES challenge the one inevitability in life - death. VAMPIRES are synonymous with love, sex, desire, lust, obsession . . . and blood. Always the blood.

Ever since i first read the book Twilight in I was in love.. Love all over again but not with normal humans you come across , but with those beautiful, immortal, cold-ones living somewhere in this Universe.

I imagine being with a Vampire Man just like Edward Cullen. He looks like a Greek God who loves his girl to such an extent that he is scared of losing her , because he thinks he will hurt her. Does such romance exist??

A normal girl Bella Swan who has just moved to the coldest place in America. Though she hates all cold wet things, falls in love with the most gorgeous immortal.!! Can this happen..?? Her first love , her first desire to be with a man comes true..!! Edward was waiting for Bella since 106 years..! is that a joke..

I am a leo , it is the most romantic sign from all the zodiac signs. And we love when a man does something out of the blue for his girl. We love it when he says I love u front of his friends and family, not caring about the whole world, we love it when a boy forgets to gift his girl for her birthday but just gives her a rose, kiss and hug and promises her that he will never leave her. We love it when he makes us do new and exciting things. Oh... ill keep goin on and on with it..! so i better stop..!

So people who haven't started reading The Twilight series that includes new moon , eclipse and breaking dawn... your missing the real taste of sensuality .